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January 7 "2010 Local elections manifest activity"

Location: Ulsan Election Management Committee, Lecture Hall, 1.30 p.m.
"Outlook of Copenhagen agreement and challenges of 2010 local elections"
Speaker: : Hwang In Seok (Secretary General, Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum)
January 8 Seminar "Industrial city's UNFCCC response strategy"

Location: Ulsan University, College of Business Administration, 4 p.m.
Pr. Shin Yeon Jae (Ulsan University, Department of International Relations)
Pr. Jeong Jun Geum
Discussants: Han Jin Gyu, Lee Sang Hyon, Oe Yeong Ae, Hwan In Seok
January 16 Ecological trip (19 members)

Ulsan- Upo Wetland Ecological Park - Junam Wetlands Park - Ulsan
January 22, 29 "Taehwa River Winter Birds School"

100 persons completed
February 6, 24 "2010 Taehwa River Rook Ecological School"
March 27 - September 16 Hoeya River Ecological Exploration (total 13 stages)

"Environmental Keepers"
April 3 "Kang Dong Seafood Festival"

Location: North district, Ulsan
Clean Energy Experience Booth
April 10 Lection for Volunteer Students from Department of International Relations

Location: Ulsan University, College of Social Science
30 students completed
April 21 Seminar "New&Renewable energy in Ulsan and directions of energy management policy"

Organizer: Clean Energy Promoting Citizen’s Forum
Location: Institute of Health and Environment Research
"New&renewable energy distribution on the national level and energy management policy"
Gu A Mi, Chief of Energy cooperation department, Green Growth Committee

- Kim Seok Taek (Chief of City Environment Department, Ulsan Development Institute)
- Seo Geun Su (Ulsan Department of Economic Policy)
- Lee Byong Gyu (University of Ulsan)
- Hwan In Seok (Clean Energy Promoting Citizen’s Forum)
April 23 "Proclamation of greenhouse gas emissions reduction" (public declaration)

Location: Ulsan City Hall
"The day of Earth" event; Let's gather CO2/ awarding ceremony
April 24 Lection for Volunteers

Location: Ulsan Grand Park, Environment-Energy Hall
30 students attended
May 8 ~ November 23 "Clean Energy Experience School", 20 stages, 1000 students completed

Volunteers: SK Power Volunteer Team, Students from Department of International Relations UOU
June 4-6 "Eco-Fair"

Location: Ulsan Grand Park
Clean Energy Experience Booths
June 6 "Eco-Exploration with Daddy"

Location: Taegok district region
Kyung Dong City Gas, 80 persons attended
June 24-26 "Clean Energy Industrial Exhibition"

Location: KBS Ulsan Hall and Outdoor exhibition
Opening Ceremony: June 24th, 10:30 a.m.
Participating companies: over 30 companies
Attendance: 8000 persons
July 17-18 "Sericinus montela Gray Butterfly event"

Wind Flowers Learning Hall
July 23-24, August 20 "Taehwa River Egret Ecological School"

Location: Taehwa River Pulgogi Jar Way area
Host: Ulsan Metropolitan City
Organizer: Environment Keepers, Korean Water Birds Network, Ulsan Regional Environmental Technology Development Center
August 16 "7th Energy day Event"

Location: Ulsan Grand Park, 6.30 p.m.
"Switch off the light, Switch on the stars!"
August 19 The Groundbreaking Ceremony of "Sericinus montela Gray Butterfly Learning Hall"
September 11 Ulju District Sharing Market / Clean Energy Experience Booth

Volunteers: Ulsan University Hoop Club, 5 students
October 1-3 "Hoeya River Ecological Exhibition"

Location: Ulsan Grand Park, Environment-Energy Hall outside
Organizer: "Environment Keepers", Hoeya River Exploration Team (30 members)
Attendance: 10000 persons
October 1-2 "Green Start Global Fair"

Clean Energy Experience Exhibition
Location: Ulsan Grand Park
Volunteers: Ulsan University Hoop Club, 15 students
Attendance: 10000 persons
October 26-29 Business Trip

China, Soochow University, Academic Interchange Meeting
October 29-31 "Clean Energy Experience Yard" as a part of "Lifelong Education Festival"

Location: Ulsan Grand Park
Host: Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education
Organizer: Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum
Volunteers: Students from Department of International Relations UOU
November 27-28 Clean Energy Ecological Trip

Dangjin Power Plant/ Sihwa Tidal Power Plant/ Sihwa Wind Power Plant 35 persons attended
December 4-12 Business Trip

16th Conference of the Parties (COP 16) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Cancun, Mexico
December 20-21 Green Growth Field Experience Education

Trip to Gunsan, Daejeon, Mokpho
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