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1) "Catch the CO2!" - 5% energy-saving (YES5) exercises with citizens.
- Ulsan Clean Green10 exercises with the participation of all citizens
- Energy consumption and global warming
Global warming and global average temperature rise
Climate change and human life
- Two things need practice
Let's use a power-line filters!
Let's change to a high-efficiency lighting!
- Energy saving methods
- UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol
Catch the CO2!!!
2) "Catch the 1°C of global temperature!" Greenhouse effect and global warming
Symptoms and effects of climate change
UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol
Climate Change Plan
Renewable Energy
Energy Conservation
3) "Climate change, energy awareness"
(energy education)
Earth is sick
Global warming?
Climate change impacts
Climate change and our country
Climate change and the international community
Climate Change Plan
What is energy?
Fossil Energy
Renewable Energy
Solar Energy
Wind power
Ocean Energy
Hydrogen Energy
Energy and Our Future
Do you use energy conservation?
4) "Clean Energy Experience School" Energy education material for 4-6th grade students of middle school.
5) "Rook, jackdaw!
Nice to meet you!"
2009 Taehwa River Winter Bird School material
6) "English CD Camp" How windy is it? Making a wind gauge
Clean the water with a natural water filter
Where does our energy come from?
Where does Korea's energy come from?
Who am I? An ecology game
Energy experience quiz
Solar energy experience quiz
Night activity: Stargazing
Hike activity: Scavenger hunt
Hike activity: Plant drawings
Ulsan Eco Industrial Park Initiative: Strategies and Vision
7) "Green City (#1/2006)" - Clean energy produced with nature
- Recent trends of the Kyoto Protocol
- The road to the hydrogen energy
- Automobile energy-saving methods
- Development from the industrial city to new and renewable energy city, and the impact of solar power
- Clean Energy Trends
8) "Green City (#1/2007)" - 2007 Welcome!
- Waiting for cold winter
- The industry's response to Climate Change plan
- 12th COP meeting and expected results
- For whom is the construction of Green Village?
- UNFCCC and effective cooperation
- Gas hydrates energy resources
- Our house hidden workers
- Clean Energy Experience School
- Energy conservation at home
- Clean Energy Forum News
9) "Green City (#2/2007)" - Peak of Oil and the Energy Crisis
- Citizen Power Plant
- Response on UNFCCC and using the unilateral CDM
- Domestic effect of Kyoto Protocol
- Understanding and prospects of wind power
- Japanese cornelian cherry and ginger plant
- Energy conservation and Eco-fund
- City hopes for energy innovation
Find the Dragon Swallowtail butterfly
- The five habits to become a millionaire
- Solar energy: save the planet!
- Clean Energy Experience Exhibition
10) "Green City (#3/2007)" - CDM projects future value and the companies' response plan
- Training with kite
- Climate change opportunities
- Regional development strategies using volunteer resources
- Magpie, magpie, how do you live?
- Passion, regulating and action
- Warm / Biz
- Trip before leaving
- Who needs a "Feed-in tariff" policy?
- Clean Energy Forum activity report
11) "Green City (#1/2010)" - June is coming (local election)
- The meaning of Copenhagen agreement (COP15) and the prospect of climate regime
- Clean energy and wildflowers
- Clean energy and birds
- Green consumption now
- Trip to Hanwha Chemical Corporation
- SK Energy Power Service Team and Clean Energy Experience School
- Clean Energy Forum activity report
12) Seminar "The era of hydrogen comes"
(September 28, 2005)
- Status and view of development of hydrogen energy
- Realization of the Hydrogen Economy
13) Seminar "Ulsan industry's response for greenhouse gas emissions reduction"
(November 9, 2005)
- Industry's response measures on UNFCCC
- Response on UNFCCC, major measures of the energy-industry sector
14) Seminar "Convention on Climate Change: response strategy and the challenges of civil society"
(February 17, 2006)
- Trends of Convention on Climate Change and Post-Kyoto system view
- Post-Kyoto system, and industry's countermeasures
- Post-Kyoto system, and civil society's response
- Actions to response on climate change challenges
15) "An Inconvenient Truth'" and Seminar on Climate Change
(November 29, 2006)
- Climate change and prospect of the Korean peninsula
- Focusing on the 12th Conference of the Parties
- "An Inconvenient Truth" movie
16) Seminar "Post-Kyoto Protocol system and Convention on Climate Change Response Strategy"
(February 13, 2007)
- 12th COP results and prospects of post-Kyoto system
- Local government strategy's for response on UNFCCC
- Current status and view of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects
17) Seminar "The outlook of Bali Roadmap (COP13) and greenhouse gas reduction strategy"
(February 19, 2008)
- Climate Change Convention and the direction of the government's response
- Bali Roadmap and a view of post-Kyoto system
- Local government strategy's for response on UNFCCC
- Carbon Fund Management Plan in the implementation of emissions trading scheme
18) Symposium "Response on UNFCCC and industry's strategy for greenhouse gas emissions reduction"
(May 2, 2008)
- Response on greenhouse gas reduction: domestic and foreign policy trends
- 2008 Energy Funds and high-efficiency equipment support Grants Guide
- Current status and future of CO2 processing technology
- A scientific approach to climate change mitigation
- Post-Kyoto newest discussion trends and the importance of technology
- Greenhouse gas reduction and examples of registered CDM projects
- New and renewable energy (solar) cases introduction
- Energy audit & UNFCCC
19) Seminar "Copenhagen Protocol negotiations outlook and strategy's for response on UNFCCC"
(April 22, 2009)
- UNFCCC and the direction of the government's response
- Copenhagen Protocol and view of post-Kyoto system
- Current status and view of domestic CDM projects registration
- Green development and Ulsan's response strategies on climate change
20) Taewha River Ecological Map(Fish)
21) Taewha River Ecological Map(Birds)
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