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January 21 Geum River bird migration and West Coast Energy Tour

Location: Kunsan Geum River Estuary, Saemangeum reclaimed land and wind farm
Contents: Seocheon Cheonsu Bay, Ansan lake, ecological parks, tidal power generation and loan Explore Tour
February 17 Seminar "One year from signing of Kyoto Protocol and proclamation of measures on climate change"

Location: Ulsan University Industry Cooperation Center, 3:00 p.m.
Host: Ministry of Industry
Organizer: Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum, Center for Eco-Industrial Complex Construction, Regional Environmental Center
Sponsor: Ministry of Environment, Ulsan Metropolitan City, Steering Committee of Ulsan Agenda 21
Ceremony: "Climate change crisis manifestation and performance" ( "Earth's dreams")

"Session 1":
1) "Trends of Convention on Climate Change and Post-Kyoto system view"
No Dong Un, Ph.D. (Korea Energy Economics Institute)
2) "Post-Kyoto system, and industry's countermeasures"
Lee Jae Hong (Ministry of Commerce, Measures on Climate Change Team)
"Session 2":
1) "Civil society responds to climate change challenges"
Shin Yeon Jae (Ulsan University, Department of International Relations)
2) "Actions to climate change challenges"
An Jun Gwan (Korea Federation for Environmental Movements, Energy and Climate Change Team)
April 11 CDM Seminar

Location: Ulsan University Industry Cooperation Center, 2:00 p.m.
First presentation:
Current situation and accreditation of CDM projects"
Han Seung Ho (Energy Management Corporation" CDM Accrediting Board)
Second presentation:
"Overview of CDM projects and business plan writing"
Park Sang Hyeok (Eco Eye Co., Ltd, researcher)
Kyung Dong City Gas and 40 concerned persons attended
April 26 Symposium "Exploring a construction and development of eco-industrial parks"

Location: Ulsan University Industry Cooperation Center, Room for international academic meetings, 3:00 p.m.
Host: Ulsan Mipo-Onsan Eco-Industrial Park Construction Agency
Organizer: Ulsan Eco-Industrial Park Promoting Citizen's Committee
Sponsor: Ministry of Industry, Korea National Cleaner Production Center

"Session 1":
1) "Current status of environmental issues of national Industrial Complex"
Kim Dae Hui (National Solidarity Industrial Reform, General Secretary)
2) "Construction and direction of Eco-Industrial Park"
Kang Hye Jeong (Ministry of Commerce, Department of Industrial Environment)
"Session 2":
1) "Ulsan Mipo-Onsan Eco-Industrial Park Construction Strategy"
Park Heung Seok (Ulsan University, professor)
2) "Company's strategy for Eco-Industrial Park Construction"
Kim Jeong In (Chung Ang University, professor)
(Chairman: Kim Yeon Min (Ulsan University, professor))
1) Choi Ye Yong (Citizen's Institute for Environmental Studies, general manager)
2) Gu Ja Sang (Busan Federation for Environmental Movement, Co-President)
3) Park Gyung Gu (Capro Co., Ltd, executive director)
4) Choi Hwan Yeop (Kumho Petrochemical, chairman)
5) Yun Seok (Ulsan Live Forest, General Secretary)
May 3 Against high oil prices '"Energy saving campaign'"

Location: Lotte World Square, 2:00 p.m.,
Organizer: Ulsan Metropolitan City, Korea Energy Management Corporation, Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum, Kyung Dong City Gas
Lotte Shopping Ulsan branch, homemaker's room participation
July 20 Ministry of Industry Bulletin #2006-208, permission certificate for Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum
August 10 Completed registration as non-profit organization

Korea Ministry of Industry approval 2006-34
Non-profit organization number 230121-0003167
Unique number 610-82-11315
Registration as NGO by Ulsan Metropolitan City
September 1 Member's Reception Room '"Understanding of the budget and energy policy"

Location: Secretariat, 7:00 p.m.
Instructor: Jeong Chang Su (expert advisor on projects with citizens)
September 16 9th Clean Energy Experience School Opening

360 persons completed
Training Location: Ulsan Grand Park, Environment and Energy Hall
Sponsor: Ulsan Metropolitan City
Organizer: Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum
Audience: 4-6 grade elementary school students, 40 people inside and outside the hall
Description: Climate change, energy conservation, implementation of renewable energy experience education
October 13 Member's Reception Room "Germany's renewable energy strategy and Eco-Industrial Park"

Location: Secretariat, 7:00 p.m.
Instructor: Park Jeong Hun, Kim Dong Su (Kyong Sang Times)
November 23 Seminar "2006 Improvement of the energy consumption structure in Ulsan"

Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum get grant for the energy conservation promoting activities, Co-representative Kim Sang Man
November 29 "An Inconvenient Truth'" movie showing and seminar on Climate Change, University of Ulsan

Location: Ulsan University Industry Cooperation Center, 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m.
Host: Steering Committee of Ulsan Agenda 21, Ulsan University School of Public Policy Alumni Association
Sponsor: Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum, School of Public Policy of UOU
1) "Climate change and prospect of the Korean peninsula"
Gwon Won Tae, Ph.D. (Climate Research Team Chief)
2) "Focusing on the 12th Conference of the Parties"
Choi Geong Sik (Korea Environment Corporation)
November 30 "2006 Volvo Four Awards", winners announced

Grand Winner: Clean Energy Promoting Citizen's Forum General Secretary, Hwang In Seok
Quality of life: "The house of joy", Na Wan Suk Director
Safety: Gangnam firehouse, Lee Young Jik
Environment: "Green ways", Song In Seok Professor
Awarding: December 13 (Wed), 7:00 p.m., Grand Hotel, Seoul
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