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Issues for Society with Ecological Economics:

1) Global warming and climate change, reducing the diversity of species, the limits of Petroleum Energy and Resources, other environmental problems. We are trying to tackle these challenges through the using of new & renewable energy.

2) Appeal for recognition of the conversion and transition to an ecological economic structure, for changes in the structure of production and consumption of energy and measures actively taken to the changing external environment can become a stepping stone for Energy Innovation.

3) To create new alternatives for Energy Policy and the Environment in order to allow local citizens to choose their own energy and future.

4) To prepare a new alternative Organization of Energy and Environment for creating a sustainable future.

5) To seek the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems and to prevent the reckless destruction of the ecosystem.

6) To facilitate the transition to Society with ecological Economics and transition to New & Renewable Energy.

7) To be on the forefront of trying to gather the wisdom with the future of the community.

8) To use the ecological crisis as an opportunity to submit an alternative plan that could be implemented in practice.
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